Athletic Therapy

The Athletic Therapy Clinic and its staff is guided by Robyn Bagley and Morgan Schultz, Certified Athletic Therapists. Robyn leads a dedicated group of RDC students who work with our athletic teams as student trainers.  They hope to enter the field of Athletic Therapy or other health care program.

Robyn and Morgan assess injuries and conditions, utilize contemporary rehabilitative techniques, therapeutic modalities, soft tissue mobilization, physical reconditioning, and supportive strapping procedures to promote an environment conducive to optimal healing in preparing the individual for safe reintegration into their respective sport.

A network of physicians and medical specialists within the Red Deer community are also part the total services provided at RDC to maximize the performance and welfare of the individual student-athletes.


Special Links for RDC Student-Athletes


Summer 2019 Clinic Hours


(with the exception of meetings)



 1st ~ closed 2nd ~ 9am to 3pm 3rd ~ 9am to 3pm 4th ~ 9am to 3pm

5th ~ closed

8th ~ 9am to 3pm  9th ~ 9am to 3pm 10th ~ 9am to 3pm

11th ~ 9am to 3pm

12th ~ closed
15th ~ 9am to 3pm 16th ~ 9am to 3pm 17th ~ 9am to 3pm

18th ~ 9am to 3pm

19th ~ closed
22nd ~ 9am to 3pm 23rd ~ 9am to 3pm 24th ~ 9am to 3pm

25th ~ 9am to 3pm

26th ~ closed
29th ~ 9am to 3pm 30th ~ 9am to 3pm

31st  ~ 9am to 3pm





      1st ~ 9am to 6pm

2nd ~ 9am to 3pm

 5th ~ closed  6th ~ 9am to 6pm 7th ~ 9am to 3pm

8th ~ 9am to 6pm

9th ~ 9am to 3pm
12th ~ 9am to 3pm 13th ~ 9am to 6pm 14th ~ 9am to 3pm

15th ~ 9am to 6pm

16th ~ 9am to 3pm
19th ~ 9am to 3pm 20th ~ 9am to 6pm 21st ~ 9am to 3pm

22nd ~ 9am to 6pm

23rd  ~ 9am to 3pm